“It can be argued that these elements are so fantastical they cannot come from reality. However, many of my clients have reported travelling to lifetimes where their skills and abilities were supernatural, compared with what is considered possible in the world we live in right now.”


I am thrilled to welcome you to my author website. I love to write – I also love to read. To escape to a magical world through the pages of a good story where all things are possible; to me this is the ultimate indulgence.

I spent many years dreaming of becoming a writer. One day, in 2011, I suddenly questioned why I had waited so long. Having always been in love with the spoken and written word all my life – I began to write.
Here, you will find all the latest about my upcoming novels, my non-fiction, poetry and short stories.

The last five years has been spent writing, reading and editing my debut novel Secret and Ritual.

When the last line of the final chapter hit the page and the story concluded, I realised that some of the characters were not yet finished with me. These characters had become so colourful, tangible and real, that I knew I would miss them too. So, with a new story gushing through I set to work on novel number two, Secret and Rebirth, which is now well under way.

Once the storyline was plotted it became apparent that this was to be a trilogy. Book three of the `Ancient Power Series` Secret and Revelation is waiting excitedly in the wings.

I have also just finished my first non-fiction book Unleash Your Inner Psychic which I’m very excited about.

I hope you have a great time exploring the website and, if you do, I`d love to hear from you.

Thank you for visiting.


Secret & Ritual

Book One of the Ancient Power Series

In an English cottage garden, two best friends, Polly and Magda share a powerful time-slip experience. Transported back to Ancient Brittana, Magda finds herself in a dark woodland where she is looking out through the eyes of Kell, an eleven-year-old orphan boy. His village burned to the ground, Kell, begins the search for his abducted sister Petrona. Present day Polly and Magda`s captivating experience takes an unexpected twist when they are plunged into a shocking world of magic, sorcery and mysticism. Sucked deeper into Ancient Brittana, the unfinished business of the past begins to influence their 21st century destiny.

Unleash Your Inner Psychic

How to Reboot your Natural Super-Skills

Unleash Your Inner Psychic 26 easy to follow exercises – designed to re-boot your natural super-skills! In a changing 21st Century more people are gravitating towards a peaceful, natural state of being. This book guides us back to that state of naturalness; the state of instinctive understanding that we were born with. It shows us how to recognize our psychic abilities by relearning how to perceive.This book is written in an informative light-hearted way. The author guides the reader on a step-by-step journey towards psychic awakening; Firstly through acknowledging our natural intuition, secondly, by trusting and befriending it. Whether these forgotten skills are to be used for spiritual development, becoming more perceptive in business, relationships or working towards becoming a psychic reader or medium, the process is the same. Most of the exercises can be carried out with groups of friends or through solo practice, which adds to the appeal. The exercises connect to our modern lifestyles, coffee shops, bars, busy city and peaceful country settings all play their part. We are constantly receiving information by way of our senses. Sometimes, the information is so subtle we brush away the signs, symbols or messages we are receiving. This pacey little book teaches how to pick up on these subtleties and use them to our advantage. Time to Unleash Your Inner Psychic.


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"Saying “it’s just a thought” is like saying “it’s just nuclear energy”. Thought is the most powerful force in the universe, and while it can do a tremendous amount of good when handled with care and respect, it can destroy the world when misused or misunderstood." - Michael Neill ... See MoreSee Less
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Have you started to think about Christmas yet? Have you got your Christmas employee gifts sorted? Is it sat on your "to do list" but is simply not moving forward? We are here to help with our bespoke gifting range and messaging with a difference.............Linking engagement to gifting is a really good way to thank your staff. We have lovely gift ideas which also include meaningful messages to keep the focus on Wellbeing, and did you know that through the packing facility we partner with Paperworks, this provides work for young adults with physical or learning disabilities, which means our gifts give back in more ways than one. This year we have produced a beautiful Christmas Notebook. *A true gift to yourself. It’s a nice reminder to employees that their wellbeing matters. If you would like more details, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via info@halsawellbeing.com ... See MoreSee Less
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