“It can be argued that these elements are so fantastical they cannot come from reality. However, many of my clients have reported travelling to lifetimes where their skills and abilities were supernatural, compared with what is considered possible in the world we live in right now.”

About Sashi

I live in beautiful Dorset at its border with Hampshire. Blessed with the best of both worlds – on the edge of the New Forest National Park – within a stone`s throw of the Dorset coastline. Descended from a long line of Welsh bards and druids I have always been fascinated with spirituality and ancient mysticism. Since childhood I have relished time alone with my nose in a book or writing poetry, stories and prose – and the thrill of that element of escapism never went away. The power of the written and spoken word inspired me. From childhood I knew that I wanted to write for a living.

Reality kicked in. I left school and spent a few years in the corporate world – eventually I was drawn in the direction of becoming an Intuitive Healer.

I opened a Holistic Centre in the late 90`s, ran spiritual development groups, offered intuitive readings, soul numerology, face-reading and energy healing. During one to one healing sessions clients often had spontaneous recollections of what appeared to be former lifetimes. Compelled to understand the subject more, I trained in Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression with the European College of Hypnotherapy, and in Neuro Linguistic Programming with Paul McKenna and Supercoach Michael Neill. My work as a professional Past Life Regression Therapist brought me a wealth of subject matter for potential novels. I was constantly being tapped on the shoulder by my Inner Author.

The writing passion really came into its own during my work as a hypnotherapist. I found it helpful to be able to craft a good script which would elicit the state of mind required to allow healing to take place. This would involve guiding the client through visualisation to utilise some or all of their senses during a session; through sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch etc. This seemed to be the most efficient way to bring any buried issues to the surface where they could quickly be resolved.

The urge to be a writer has always been with me and bubbles up in all that I do.

In 2011, I moved to beautiful Dorset. Whilst visiting local sacred sites I experienced several powerful déjà vu moments and so – was inspired to write my first novel, Secret and Ritual. This soon morphed from a single book to the first of a dual-time frame trilogy. Book two and three are well under way and I have discovered the joy and healing power of writing. The `Ancient Power` trilogy weaves in time-slip, psychic abilities, multiple lifetimes, shape-shifting inspired by case studies as well as my own experiences.

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