Secret & Rebirth

Book Two of the Ancient Power Series

Book two is now well on the way to completion. It follows the journey of some familiar characters from book one, Secret and Ritual, along with some exciting new introductions.

I love the characters who have evolved throughout the writing process.

At my work-station, their images smile at me daily from the mood board I created at the conception of this saga. The characters are now my friends and some, my adversaries; I seem to know and understand their moods and inclinations.

Just like real life – I feel great warmth towards some of them; they have the ability to make me smile or cry as I write. Others, instil disappointment, irritation, fear or disgust – but to me they are all tangible, colourful and deep.

I wonder if I shall feel bereft at their loss when I strike the last letter on my keyboard at the final chapter of book three Secret and Revelation (which is already in synopsis form ready to be written.)

Hmmm, will that be the end? Will I be able to let them go? Only time will tell.

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