Secret & Ritual

Book One of the Ancient Power Series

I am very excited about the first novel of my trilogy. After experiencing several powerful déjà vu moments whilst visiting local ancient and sacred sites in beautiful Dorset, I started to put my thoughts down and was inspired to write my first novel Secret and Ritual.

This debut trilogy weaves in time-slip, psychic abilities, multiple lifetimes and shape-shifting, which are loosely based on case studies from clients, as well as my own experiences.

“It can be argued that these elements are so fantastical they cannot come from reality. However, many of my clients have reported travelling to lifetimes where their skills and abilities were supernatural, compared with what is considered possible in the world we live in right now.”

Sashi Radley – Author

Story line teaser

An action-packed dual-time mythical fantasy thriller. It is set in a non-specific time and place in history, which allows the reader to access their own imagination without putting up any historical barriers. Designed to engage the reader to connect with the renamed locations. These fictional settings are based on actual places which continue to inspire me every time I return. I find myself bubbling with inspiration for the next chapters on each visit.

Book One of the Ancient Power time-slip trilogy is presented through the perspective of friends, Polly and Magda, in present day Britain. The story is echoed through wise-woman, Petrona`s voice in Ancient Brittana, along with that of her younger brother, Kell.

Petrona`s mystical beliefs and newly granted Ancient Powers present her with a great burden of responsibility. The story tackles classic good versus evil, karmic payback, you reap what you sow dilemmas throughout.

I hope that the vivid realism will appeal to readers of all ages from young adult upward. The story-line is packed with emotional and physical challenges, fiery passion, the softness of tender young love, as well as ruthless twisted evil and dark death.

Just as the reader feels all is well, evil rears its head again and has to be dealt with by the central characters. The way the story unfolds takes the reader on a journey which is geared to engage right to the last word. Secret and Ritual stands alone but for those who wish to follow the saga, it unfolds into new adventures in book two, Secret and Rebirth and book three, Secret and Revelation.

Book two is well under way. With the third plotted and waiting in the wings.

Secret & Ritual

Book One of the Ancient Power Series

In an English cottage garden, two best friends, Polly and Magda share a powerful time-slip experience. Transported back to Ancient Brittana, Magda finds herself in a dark woodland where she is looking out through the eyes of Kell, an eleven-year-old orphan boy. His village burned to the ground, Kell, begins the search for his abducted sister Petrona. Present day Polly and Magda`s captivating experience takes an unexpected twist when they are plunged into a shocking world of magic, sorcery and mysticism. Sucked deeper into Ancient Brittana, the unfinished business of the past begins to influence their 21st century destiny.

A few comments from readers of the draft manuscript for Secret and Ritual:

Engaged all my senses

The author’s writing style engaged all my senses. I was there, throughout. A very different – great book – please tell me there will be a sequel, I want to read more!
Ceramics Tutor

Written with a powerful prose

This excellent book is written with a confident and powerful prose that gives the story and characters authenticity and makes it a totally believable experience. It is a good and fast paced read and a great ‘good over evil’ storyline. I am looking forward to reading the next two in the trilogy.

You can almost smell it

So beautifully written you can almost smell it. A magical tale with amazing, likeable characters. I will recommend this first book and the trilogy for my mum, my adult friends and my teenage daughter.
Health Coach