Fish & Chips – Getting to Grips

Hello Lovely Readers,

As summer shadows stretch long and evenings draw in, we teeter on the edge of Autumn.
These last weeks and months have been spattered with sharp reality and painful loss. Sometimes it is hard to search out the positives when challenging times seem to be affecting us all. Those phrases currently being bandied around – Circle of Life – New World Order – Wake Up Call for the World – are clichés but perhaps, they are also honest fact.

Whether you are a royalist or not, the passing of our steadfast monarch Queen Elizabeth II has reverberated across the nation, throughout the Commonwealth and the World.

Her Majesty was, for me, our symbol of continuity, of balance, stability and yes, another cliché, Grandmother of us all. The show of unity, and the coming together of those who queued for hours to pay their respects to the late Queen are absolute testimony to the place she held in our hearts and in our daily lives. She was the one constant – whom, in most cases had been the omnipresent silent observer of our life stories. Yes, the royal family were born into a life of privilege, but be honest, at what cost?

I count my blessings that I didn`t incarnate into the monarchy in this lifetime! King Charles lll certainly does not have an easy road ahead…despite his privileged upbringing. God Save the King.

So now our Queen has left the earth plane. She has gone home to her loved ones and left a massive void. Her lifetime, one of duty and sacrifice. One where the chances are, she never enjoyed the freedom to paddle in the sea on a south coast beach as the sun went down, wander through the New Forest and picnic by a river, and watch the ponies grazing.  One where she could enjoy a music festival, camp under the stars and listen to her favourite rock bands, wear jeans with ripped knees, drink till she was happily intoxicated, dance barefoot till the early hours of the morning, wander with a lover across Westminster Bridge in the moonlight without being, recognised, harrassed or papped or ending up on some random`s social media.
Thank you, Ma`am.

One cannot help thinking, something positive must come from our communal loss, because it resonates on so many levels. We all have past losses that are being highlighted at this moment in time. I noted with a pain in my heart, the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry walking beside his brother, Prince William. These brothers were united in grief, behind their Grannie`s coffin, just as they were when they lost their precious mother twenty-five years before.

Seeing Harry in a suit and William in uniform was testament to the strength it must have taken for Harry to put aside his pride and honour his beloved grandmother. He knew the eyes of the world were upon him and yet he still showed incredible restraint and humility. I guess in the scheme of things, what he was wearing, the symbolism of it, meant nothing. He is unique, as is William, as are you, as am I.

Because we have disagreements, different perspectives on life, doesn`t mean we cannot come together, hear one another out, find a point of balance and compromise.

We are none of us perfect, we aren’t supposed to be. We are human. That is something to embrace. We have our own unique open road stretched out ahead of us, full of humps and bumps, highlights and pinch me moments and golden opportunities. They may not come in a form we expect – but they will come.

Photo by Dustie Houchin on Unsplash

As we move into an age of truth could it be that the layers are being peeled back for each of us? Exposing our guilts, our regrets and our `wish I hadn`t behaved that way` moments.
Are you finding your dreams are more vivid than usual? Are you thinking, and dreaming of those you have lost, or are estranged from? Have people who challenged your beliefs in the past suddenly come into focus again? Do you wake up in the morning with thoughts of past heartache? I am hearing, more and more, that I am not the only one experiences this. My feeling is, these reminders will keep coming until we acknowledge them, forgive all those involved including ourselves, release and reach out, where appropriate.

We are all searching for peace. Whether that be global peace or peace of mind. Even those who instigate war and dark, seemingly evil acts, are perhaps searching for something that they believe they will find outside of themselves. Peace of mind is within our reach. We simply need to acknowledge our part in creating the disquiet we experience and allowing ourselves to let it go. Being human means not always getting it right, making mistakes and learning by them.

So, today, in my search for peace of mind, I am enjoying the September sunshine, breathing in the freedom of my wonderful life. I am sending up my thanks and love to her Maj and breathing in the liberty that I am blessed with, because I realise, so many do not have that luxury.

I may have to have a marmalade sandwich and a cup of English Breakfast tea to toast her amazing dedication, sacrifice and love for her people.

Once again, thank you, Ma`am.

I would also like to say thanks to Jackie White of for arranging the Psychic Supper in Totton, Southampton on 17th September 2022. Myself, and the talented, Debs Atkinson, both attended as intuitive readers. 

We were blown away by the wonderful people we met who trusted us to carry out readings for them. What a beautiful group of human beings. It was also great to work beside those who have been sharing their gifts for many years at former Psychic Suppers. Of course the yummy fish and chip supper was the salt and vinegar on the top of our fabulous evening! 

The readings we carried out were merely short tasters of what we offer. If anyone wishes to book a full or further reading with myself, you can find details at

Debs can be found at

Wishing you a joyful, free and fruitful autumn, if you can, take time out to contemplate the gifts in your lives. I hope by the time my next update hits your inbox – we will all have much to smile about.   A QUICK REMINDER my Bright-Spirit and Author-Radley 
websites are now merged into one. Thanks to the amazing Tom at Wizard Websites life has become a little more streamlined.You can find me at:  
This of course means that the emails associated with the previous websites are now defunct. You can  now contact me at: 

Wishing you lovelies, a happy late summer into autumn.

With Love & Blessings

Sashi x

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