Winter Nips at My Nose – December 2022

The sun is streaming through my window as I write this, tempting me to venture out and catch some winter air. A glassy sky of baby-blue, peppered with murmuring birds is beckoning. Can this be December? But, beware, the smiling sun who wears the guise of a Vitamin D infused friend, has other plans. In December he becomes the cheery fraudster. For just beyond the snugly fitting front door, a bracing wind, a chilling frost-dewed atmosphere is lurking, lying in wait! For the unsuspecting, a lungful of icy awakening prepares to slither in and steal the breath away. Sunshine`s winter friend, Freezing Frost, is eyeing up fresh prey. Take heed unsuspecting fingertips and rosy noses for you are ripe for him to nip and bite.

In your imagination, allow this scenario to be magnified ten times.

I have just finished binge watching the latest series of `Alone` Polar Bear Island on Netflix. For those who have never seen it, the concept; ten individuals are dropped at various points in an unhospitable landscape with nothing but ten survival items. A half million dollars is the prize pot. In this series they are on the island of Labrador which is known to have polar bears roaming. A brutal winter sweeps in. The contestants show incredible feats of physical and mental endurance, away from loved ones in the harshest of conditions. But it was fascinating to see the different methods and survival techniques used and how they each coped with the isolation and hunger.

The average weight loss was about 40lbs. When they left every single participant said that the experience had changed them forever, and that they would never take their lives or their loved ones for granted again. Only the last person standing would win the money.

These people made a choice to risk their lives in order to change their fortunes and many found it a profound spiritual experience which helped them grow.

This was their choice.

Then the evening news came on. They interviewed a woman with three small children. She said she is managing on the absolute minimum food intake so that her children don`t go hungry. She was cold, unable to afford to heat her home, desperate at the thought of her kids getting sick, and guilty at the thought of them having nothing under the Christmas tree. This was the first of many similar tales and this is happening in 21st Century, first world, Great Britain and beyond.

This was not their choice.

My thoughts go out to those who are colder than I. My heart goes out to each and every one who is tormented by the need to provide for their families, whilst being squeezed harder and tighter by prices that are impossible to reach. I count my blessings every single day.   

As velvet starry night-time descends, a twinkling frozen landscape is illuminated by sprinklings of Christmas lights in the village where I live, a stark reminder of how fortunate I am. And I count my blessings again. So, back on with my fluffy onesie, hot water bottle at my lap, and I make the decision to gather all the pairs of gloves which never see the light of day and take them to the Salvation Army clothing bank, along with anything warm I can find. Shockingly, I discover I own 29 pairs of black leggings, at least 25 of them could go!

We can`t all donate money to charity because this economic squeeze affects us all, but maybe we could manage to donate something in good condition which could make a massive difference to someone else.

We move towards Christmas 2022, that time when if we can, we gather with our loved ones, to feast and share. This year I will be lighting candles to those who are no longer sitting around our festive table and taking time out to give thanks for my lot in life. We all have our challenges, I believe that is what we are here for, to learn, to grow and to evolve, but somehow 2022 has shown me that it is time we redressed the balance.

It would seem that the Universe has decided now is the time, to uncover the truth, to rebalance injustice and highlight inequality.

I will be working on manifesting a peaceful and balanced global understanding, when I join with like-minded people for a group meditation at Knowlton Earthworks in Dorset at the time of the Winter Solstice. Perhaps, you could send out a few powerful thoughts too. Surely, if enough energy and focus is directed towards bringing light into the world, then those thoughts, magnified over and over can become reality? It`s worth a try.

And on the subject of lifting the vibe, may I introduce to you an incredible, fresh music talent, called `The Taylor Twins`. They are a young UK based retro band who have collaborated with Blue Jean and brought out a beautiful cover of Happy Xmas/War is Over. I love this and hope it will bring you some Christmas cheer. Click on the link below:

They are doing something incredibly positive and hope to raise funds in aid of Ukrainian children. If you can donate even a small amount…

In February 2023 – along with the talented Debs Atkinson, I will be joining Jackie White for another Psychic Supper. I will be offering Face & Soul readings and look forward to seeing you there.

For last minute Christmas pressies, I do offer gift vouchers for readings, so if this appeals, for that difficult to buy for person, please get in touch, they are valid for 12 months.

A one-hour Face & Soul Reading is £44 or a half-hour taster reading £25. Due to the magic of Zoom/Skype you don`t even have to leave the cosiness of your home to redeem your voucher.

For stocking fillers or secret santa gifts my books are still available from Amazon…just saying?

So, all that is left, is for me to wish a magical, healthy, peaceful Christmas and a Happy 2023 to all you loyal readers and my wonderful friends and family here and abroad. Stay safe, warm and give someone a smile today. You never know how much it may mean to them.

With Love & Blessings


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