The Music of Late Summer 2023

Hello Lovely Readers

Last night`s unexpected storm has passed; the lightning and roof-rattling hail has subsided. I take to the garden to inhale the cleansing air which has swept in fresh from the nearby south coast. The atmosphere has sweetened, post-summer pollen residues swept away on those blustery overnight winds.

A windchime suspended from the ancient apple tree tinkles above my head. The coo of a contented wood pigeon joins the symphony of the closing summer. Mother Earth it seems, has decided, at this precise moment to create an open-air concert of natural harmony.

Warm breeze whispers across the landscape. Sodden leaves quiver, dislodging fat, juicy apples. Their thud to the ground, a drum roll of abundant harvest. In a garden, somewhere, the faint pitchy yap of a terrier, the distant cue for a farmer`s Labrador to bring in its baritone backing vocals.

Village church bell ringers, learning their craft, a jumbo jet high in the azure blue, blending tones seamlessly with the orchestra.

And I realise, I could do this every single day, and the composition would always differ. Just as every single piece of music composed, or performed has something to set it apart, always some miniscule difference regardless of whether it is an old favourite, or a fresh new tune. In a social media world where perfection is sought by so many, the desire to mimic others brings anxiety and stress because it is pushing against the natural flow of things.

We cannot be Dua Lipa, because Dua Lipa is unique. She has discovered the gift of embracing her own uniqueness. Just as the symphony of our surroundings alters by the second, its beauty is in those subtle little nuances.  That cooing wood pigeon with its puffed-out purple hued chest, storm grey plumage and feathered cape of emerald-green, is not attempting to be anything other than itself. It is embracing its personal differences, its personal beauty.

We each have a unique piece of music or an entire symphony to share. So today, breathe in the potential of the next moment. Go forth and compose. Be proud of your offering. It needs to be heard.

You may not be Beyonce, Dua Lipa, or Ed Sheeran, but you are YOU. Be brave, be unique, be who you were born to be. Get out there and write your story or sing your song! The world is waiting….

Last week I attended a weekly Creative Writing course, which I have been going to for the last ten years. My tutor is best-selling author Della Galton. She gave each of the group a starting line for a short story, some of us had the same line, and others something different. The results were a fascinating, eclectic mix of great stories, and it proved that we all have our own authentic filter through which we perceive and interact with the world around us.

In writing circles, when the words hit the page, they call it the author’s voice. Once you get to a point where readers recognise your `voice` then I guess you`ve almost arrived.

Think – the humourous observational style of Bill Bryson`s travel adventures, compare that with Agatha Christie`s cosy crime stories, and the gritty, edge of your seat writing style of Lee Child. 

Della Galton – The Puddleduck Farm series:

Our Della Galton has a brilliant, unique `voice` and you cannot help but feel cheery and warm after reading her Puddleduck Farm series of books.

To Grab your copy go to the link below:

Book Two of the Ancient Power Series by Sashi Radley coming soon:

I am in the process of completing my second time-slip novel in the ‘Ancient Power Series’. The first book in the series is available on Amazon.
For those of you who have shown an interest in the sequel to the above book, I am 83,000 words into Book 2 – and hope to release it by Christmas 2023, fingers and toes crossed. It has been a long haul, but I am so loving working with the characters, I am not sure how I will feel when the time comes to say goodbye to them.*Sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of this email to keep up with the latest news. 
Secret & Ritual – Book One of the Ancient Power Series – on Amazon.

Psychic Supper – Sat. October 28th 2023 – Come and Join us

I`d like to say thank you, to the lovely Jackie White for inviting me to join her on Saturday 28th October 2023, along with CKT expert, Debs Atkinson and many other amazing readers for another Psychic Supper – Tickets include a Taster Reading and a Fish and Chip supper. These events are always great fun, and I am thrilled to be involved again.

Talk Like a Pirate Day 19th September
Finally this made me smile….19th September is National Talk Like a Pirate Day, if this isn`t a reason to slap your thigh and say a few `Arrr me hearties,` imbibe in a few tots of rum and sing some gritty sea shanties, I don`t know what is?  Shiver me timbers!

Stay safe and happy. Give someone a smile today or a hug if they are open to it. You never know how much it may mean to them.

Wishing you a bright and cheery Autumn Equinox. 

With Love & Sparkly Blessings


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