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A warm welcome to my `Author Radley` blog. I thought it would be a good place to start by giving you some insight into my world and start with:

Why I chose the Triskele symbol for my website.

The Triskele or triple spiral is believed to be one of the ancient symbols of the Celts. It is often associated with the Goddess Brighid and the three aspects of woman, purity, motherhood, and wise woman. It has been also considered to represent the nine moon-cycles of the gestation period of pregnancy, so connected with the divine feminine, fertility, re-birth. But this is just one suggestion.

The Goddess Brighid is fiercely protective of those who call upon her which explains why the Triskele is often worn as an amulet for protection.

I have always believed that the Universe displays signposts and symbols to each of us as we journey through life. Some call it superstition, I believe it is subliminal direction. But when a fluffy white feather drifts into my path, or a dragonfly settles beside me at a time when I have asked for guidance. I accept that my request for help is being dealt with.

For me, symbolic messages take their form in many ways. One of the symbols which has always resonated with me is the three spiralled Triskele.

As a descendant of Welsh, Celtic Bards and Druids – it makes sense that this symbol would instil strong emotion. But it awakens something primal within me. It holds an energy which I find empowering. There are many interpretations of this symbol. To me it represents movement and change. The need for momentum to create peace in your life. Simply – life, death and rebirth – past present and future – earth moon and sun, the power of three. Balance.

At sacred sites throughout the world – we most of us have been wowed by the ancient drawings and symbolism which occurs. We often question why certain symbols repeat on different sides of the globe. How can the civilisations who created them have similar knowledge – when history dictates that they cannot possibly have met one another?

The Ancient Egyptians left their legacy with brightly coloured hieroglyphs and artefacts deep within their pyramids. We are still fascinated by interpreting these. But for me the most powerful aspect is; those déjà vu moments so many of us experience when we visit ancient monuments and see those images and symbols which were created hundreds or thousands of years before our existence.

Maybe this is why, I believe in multiple lifetimes – Past Lives.

Deep in our psyche, filed away within the depths of our personal Akashic record files; perhaps there is wisdom and learning which we have brought forward from those former lifetimes. Could those lessons be stored deep in our subconscious, to help us not make the same mistakes over and over? If this is the case, then we will need prompts to remind us that we are on the right path. Symbols to awaken our soul memory.

In the great story of our soul journey – for me, each life-time is the equivalent of a separate chapter. Sometimes with a satisfying conclusion – mostly ending with a cliff-hanger or unfinished business. At the close of each life-time (unless you have reached enlightenment) the door to the next life is framed by a faint glow of light designed to encourage you through – cracked open just enough to pull you through to another adventure.

But what about the Triskele you ask?

Quite a few years ago, on my first visit to the ancient Avebury stone circle in the Wiltshire countryside, I was struck by the comfortable feeling of already knowing this place. Yet to my knowledge I had never been there. Certainly not in this life-time. I felt an instant pull towards one of the giant stones. And as it was fairly deserted on that particular day, after a few scans of the landscape to make sure I wasn`t being observed; I placed my palms against the cool stone which was glistening magically in the sunlight. With eyes closed I slowed my breathing and waited. At this time, I was not quite as comfortable with my “off the wallness” so it wasn`t a natural thing to be doing. But somehow, I felt compelled!

But what about the Triskele? Bear with me…why use one word when you can use ten!

The cool sensation against my hands began to morph into a pulsing nurturing warmth. This all sounds a little weird I know, but I lost myself in deep connectedness and contemplation for some time. I then placed my forehead against the giant stone (don`t ask) – and on my inner screen in my mind`s eye, I saw a silver coloured triskele. Nothing else, just this simple three swirl symbol. I had no idea what it meant – but from that time onwards the triskele often shows up for me. Always, it seems, at important moments I wish to commit to memory, significant events or places that resonate.

Immediately after this experience I wondered – had I imagined what I had seen when I connected with this ancient stone?

On my way back to the car I noticed a touristy gift shop. I popped in for a quick look around and there just inside the door on top of a high shelf was a white mug with a silver triskele emblazoned on the front. Slightly un-nerved by this, I asked the assistant what the symbol meant. She believed it was an ancient Celtic symbol – but, she added that the mug was one of a series to celebrate the crop circles which regularly appeared in the area. Who knows? Coincidence, synchronicity or simple imagination! Maybe the beginning of a new novel – aha! Or maybe just my Celtic Ancestry pulsing away in my DNA.

Anyway – if you are drawn to the Triskele also, maybe we have met before? I would love to hear your stories relating to all things, signs and symbols. So, if you feel inclined drop me a line. I do my best to reply to all your messages.

Thank you for reading, until the next blog, bloglet or blogella

Triskeley blessings to you all,


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  1. My family heritage is Celtic , Irish Scottish and English, anyways I have always been obsessed with this symbol since I was a child, I had drawn it many times, and I don’t know why but I’m so drawn to it like it is something important, I have researched it and I never seem to find the information I’m looking for. I was wondering if you ever figured out why it draws you so much? Anyways thanks for the lovely read.

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