Vive la Difference

Hello Lovely Mid Summer Readers

Wow! What a scorching summer here in the UK. Another good opportunity for us Brits tohave a whinge about the weather. It`s what we do!

So, whilst the media have been gleefully reporting on how we have been cramming ourselves twenty deep on the beaches, sizzling our skin to the consistency of pork scratchings and cheesy quavers, I began to wonder. What makes us Brits so notorious for our glum portrayal as miserable whining grumblers? Why do we feel the need to complain if it rains, snows or shines too much or not enough?

I have reached a conclusion. I must be a contradiction to the average dweller of this beautiful island. I love weather!

I admit when it is a scorching 34 degrees it can be a tad exhausting…but that is because despite the constant warnings of planetary damage and global warming – we seem to have forgotten to prepare ourselves. When I chat to my family in the USA, Canada and Australia, the topic of conversation often slips to…Have you ever thought of installing air conditioning?

Of course, we have! But we would much rather have an electric army of rattly fans distributed around the house, puffing out dust and clattering incessantly throughout the night. Because, if we had air conditioning – what would we grizzle about?

I hear so often, that many more of us are finding we are affected by the subtle change in earth energies, with our moods, and feelings having a pretty turbulent and unsettling time of it. Whatever your beliefs, regardless of whether you believe that we are influenced by the transits of the planets, or the heartbeat of Mother Earth, or some higher power, I think we can all safely agree that there have been some rather unprecedented `goings on` in recent years, which have affected the entire human family.

Mans Sands – Devon

I have just come back from a beautiful week`s writing retreat in Devon, hosted by my lovely friend, healer, and fellow writer Anne Jones. Our time away coincided with the much talked about, Lionsgate Global Consciousness shift of 8th August 2022, which was followed by the equally powerful, Sturgeon Supermoon on 13th August. So, with our mutual spiritual outlook, it was bound to be an interesting, few days.

Across the UK, the mercury was through the roof – it was hot! But, in Devon, we were fortunate enough to have an offshore breeze cooling the apartment. We sat and wrote our daily word-count with the occasional break to breathe in the stunning view and top ourselves up with coffee and water. We took time to critique each other`s work and bounce ideas off one another. It was such a blissful treat. We both achieved a great deal.

What I learned, among other things on that week, was how having a positive mindset makes the days more productive, more satisfying. Anne is the eternal optimist, goes to bed when she is tired, she gets up mega early, turns off her phone and writes whilst the rest of the world is still deep in the Land of Nod. This leaves her free to go for a refreshing morning walk, way before the masses emerge, having already achieved more than I would normally do in a whole day.

Although I had free rein to create my own routine, I wanted to make the most of our days too. I confess, on day one I resembled a walking zombie whilst Anne, as usual, looked alert and fresh as a daisy. But I love a challenge, so on day two I set my alarm and woke early. Having asked the locals, which were the most unspoilt beaches, we were told that a particular little cove which had been on Anne`s wish list truly was a hidden gem.

Up early, we drove along the single-track Devon roads, praying that we wouldn`t come face to face with a farm vehicle. Backing up would have been almost impossible. We found a remote carpark. There was a solitary car already there. With a mattress, cool white sheet and plump pillows on top, there braving the elements, snoring away blissfully, was a twenty-something young man. A testament to the adaptability of us Brits. When it is too hot to sleep indoors then sleep outside. What ingenuity.

Slumbering Being

We tiptoed past the slumbering being and began our descent in the direction of the sea. The signpost at the Car Park exit was worded `Beach half a mile`, which we believed would be well worth the effort. We carefully picked our way along the steep cobbled road which nestled between high `twittering` hedgerows. After, what seemed a rather long, arduous descent, we reached the entrance to the beach where we noticed another signpost pointing upwards, engraved `Car Park 1 mile` proving that Devonians have a wonderful, but slightly cruel sense of humour. By 7am we were walking along the sun-bleached sand amongst the rockpools, breathing in the welcome sea breeze.

The calm tranquillity triggered the opportunity for a mindfulness exercise which involved stacking pebbles, `Jenga style` to create a tower infused with prayer and healing messages. I wandered off and perched on a comfy rock and looked out at the ocean. The early morning sun was glittering and bouncing off the sea surface. Before long the creative inspiration started to flow, and I was all fired up for my next writing session. What an incredible way to start the day!

I meditated for a while and what drifted in was how I relish the change of seasons. I cannot imagine how it would feel to have year-round snow, eternal daylight or wall-to-wall sunshine. The shifting cycles here in the United Kingdom are part of the reason why, I adore this unique country. During my writing week, I learned to change my approach, to go with the flow. I learned to adapt. Now I am back home, my body clock seems to have adjusted and I am flying! My fingertips are clattering away at the keyboard with renewed joy. My newly acquired flexible attitude is paying dividends. Adjusting to the ebb and flow of Mother Earth`s rhythm, adapting to the available daylight, temperature and conditions really makes a difference. I have decided that I will go to bed when I am weary, not force myself to watch yet another episode of some grim crime series on television, which I won`t even remember tomorrow.

As I write this the temperature has cooled. We had a few spit-spots of rain, and I feel exhilarated and excited about the days, weeks and seasons to come. Whatever the weather, I am counting my blessings and getting productive.

A reminder that I will be joining with Debs Atkinson and a group of talented psychics and mediums for Jackie White of Positive Living Group`s `Psychic Supper` on 17th September 2022.

Also, another not to be missed event, and one worth getting your name down for, is Relight Your Fire, with Debs Atkinson and Elizabeth Williams in October, also hosted by Jackie White.

Wishing you all a happy August, September and beyond. Embrace the changes and I truly, believe, you will feel your heart sing. As our

As our French neighbours say, Vive la Difference!

With Love & Blessings


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