Introduction to Intuitive Face Reading


Please contact me for an appointment date before booking.

Would you like to explore and develop the art of Intuitive Face Reading with a small group of like minded people?

We are all Face Readers already to a lesser or greater degree. When we first meet someone, we unconsciously weigh them up. Their facial expressions, and their face shape, the size and placement of their features all give us an insight into the type of person we are dealing with. It is a natural primal instinct that goes back to prehistoric times, when our survival may have depended on an accurate first impression.

Sashi guides you to discover and develop your own method of interpreting the faces of others, and what lies beneath. A useful tool whether used in personal relationships, for business/career success, or as part of your own spiritual development.

Understand the secrets of the Face, and the Soul energy messages behind the mask.

Two Day Workshop – £120 per person
(includes light refreshments and handouts, bring your own packed lunch)

Introduction to Intuitive Face Reading – Day One – 10am – 4pm

  • The Face Shapes – Personality traits
  • The 3 facial zones – Mental, Emotional and Physical
  • The 2 sides of the face – Masculine, Feminine, Yin and Yang
  • Features – what their size, placement, and shape tell us

Introduction to Intuitive Face Reading – Day Two – 10am – 4pm

  • Relaxing Guided Meditation
  • How to `Peel away the Layers`
  • Recognising the Emotional, Spiritual, Physical and Soul energy rumbling under the surface
  • Energy types –Angelic, Elemental, etc
  • Past Life Influences

Dates to be confirmed.