Love is All Around us 2022

Crisp, silvery, breath-huffing cold, January 2022 in beautiful Dorset! I love it!
The festive season is behind us and we find ourselves propelled towards the notorious speed-bump horizon of Foggy February. February gets a bit of bad press for being a nothingy month, but it is quite the contrary.

Face and Soul Reading

For my part, I will be kick-starting the month by giving a talk on 1st February at 7.30pm on Face and Soul Reading. This will be via Zoom and hosted by the lovely Anne Jones of Conscious Café in the New Forest. If you wish to join us, please click on the link below:

We are all Face Readers; all have natural psychic ability and can all utilise our senses to help us make the correct choices and enrich our lives. My fascination with the links between our features, face shapes and our personality, strengths and weaknesses has always been a source of fascination.

I trained in the art of face-reading 25 years ago and since then have developed my own techniques and methodology.  For example, I often noticed that during a face-reading session the client`s face would appear to transfigure, the features morphing, altering sometimes becoming multiple faces, one after another. I decided to explore the phenomena further.
   Could these emerging faces represent past lives coming to the surface to give insight into current life-time issues? Does the mask-wearing culture of today hamper or enhance our face-reading abilities?

   These questions and more are up for discussion on February 1st at 7.30pm –  I hope you can join us for this fun evening of socializing and relaxed conversation.

Moving forward….slap bang in the middle of February on the 14th of the month we look forward to Valentines Day. This feast day was declared by the Catholic Church to celebrate the life work of the martyr, Saint Valentine. Like many Christian festivals it has Pagan roots and is believed to have originated many centuries before with the fertility festival of Lupercalia celebrated on the 15th of the month. This pagan feast was dedicated to the Roman God of Agriculture, Faunus. There are many other theories about the origins of Valentines Day, but I simply like that we celebrate our love for one another on this day.

Perhaps a small tweak of the Valentines Day tradition may include showing acts of LOVE to, not just our partners, lover or spouse, if we have one – but to spread the LOVE to include every individual on the planet. Easier said than done? Of course. It seems inconceivable to direct LOVE toward individuals, or groups who have caused harm and hardship to their fellow beings. A wise woman once told me that if you imagine your enemies` as helpless babies who have no understanding of the consequences of their actions – imagine the parent in you, scoops that child into your arms and floods it with the unconditional LOVE it may never have known. As a sentient being, if you are cocooned in LOVE then at least part of you becomes LOVE. A thought came to me. Perhaps we humans could meditate on how things may change if we each took some measure of responsibility for the uncomfortable world, we as a global consciousness, have co-created. Just a thought!

But, for the non-meditators, back to Valentines Day – we could spread the LOVE in a more practical way. How many of us have boxes of unopened chocolates and goodies left over from Christmas? Why not gift them to someone, anyone, a neighbour or a random stranger who looks like they may be thirsty for a loving gesture from someone, anyone, a neighbour or a random stranger. Its a start!
Just beyond February, the vista opens to the land of Magical Possibility. Spring 2022 is around the next corner beckoning us. We are teetering on the edge of fresh, goose-bumpy newness.
So my idea for the year is, if you feel disempowered, take back your power. Spread the LOVE, spread the OPTIMISM and kick the negativity of the last couple of years to the kerb. Who needs it?

Love & Blessings for 2022

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